Sh*t Happens.

It’s so easy, right? You have your plans for the day or week made out, all of your supplies lined up, you can literally see how smooth your lessons are going to go with your kids today. They’ll be so engaged! They’ll dive into deeper thinking and have those ah-ha moments as they critically think and decipher the millions of ideas circling in their head. It’s just going to be so magical. And then… Life.

The laundry needs folded, the dishes need washed, the floors need vacuumed, and someone just let the dogs in with muddy paws. Cue the baby who starts crying, someone can’t find the LEGO hair for their LEGO figurine that they need RIGHT NOW, and your coffee is already cold.

Yeah, I get it. I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit… How do you balance the shi*t that happens when you have a day already full of homeschool plans? The answer might be easier than you think.

Prioritize & Organize.

Yup, it’s that simple. People often tell me, “I don’t know how you do it all!” From the four young boys I have been blessed to raise, to the farm animals, the sports, 4H, play dates, family outings, being a wife, homeschooling, and even having time to myself (yes! I actually have this!). It is all a balancing act that works, but you need a plan! Even as I’m typing this, two boys dressed as ninjas are chasing each other through the living room, one I can hear in the bathroom with the sink running for some unknown reason, and the youngest is laying on the floor naked in his rain boots screaming because it’s a sunny day and he wants to splash in rain puddles.

How do I Organize? What do I Organize?



Don’t worry! This task is not nearly as daunting as it seems, and once it is in place, it will result in much less work and a much more organized (and clean home!) In order for your homeschool to run effectively and efficiently, your home needs to set that tone. Once your home is functioning like a well oiled machine, your homeschool will follow. One of the biggest challenges many homeschool moms say they face is balancing their housework with school time.

For me, my home runs off a simple schedule that is the same week to week. I follow the same schedule so that no matter what day it is, I have a set task on hand. When I complete that task I feel a sense of accomplishment and it helps motivate me for the rest of the day, and I don’t have to make that never ending to do list! (Which let’s be honest, if you’re like me, you spend way too much time making this list and thinking of every single little thing you NEED to do and then end up making a new one in a couple days anyway).

CleaningI created my schedule to accommodate my life and needs, but it can easily be modified to fit your family’s needs. (For example, my trash pick up is on Tuesday so I clean bathrooms on Monday so that the bathroom garbage will get it put out for pick up and I won’t forget to do it!) By organizing my days and knowing ahead of time what is required of me as a housewife, I am able to accomplish what is “necessary” that day and move on. In the past, I did not want to start school until the house was in order because until it was, it was a distraction. I would do one chore and then tell myself, “Ok, after I clean the bathrooms, we’ll start school.” Then after the bathrooms I’d say, “Ok, I just need to sweep the floors, then I’ll school.” It was a never ending cycle, and something had to give. Now that I have organized my time daily for my home, I am able to implement a system for schooling!

It takes self control to only do the tasks that are designated for that day… Sometimes I want to keep going or don’t want to do it at all (which is never an option). Once you follow your routine for a week or two you’ll begin to notice that you have a lot less housework to do each day, that you feel more accomplished with what you’ve done that day, and you’ll not feel stressed about trying to find time for schooling! When your home is functional and follows a good routine, your homeschool will follow! Cheers!

You can download my cleaning schedule here: Cleaning Schedule



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