The Yount Academy For Boys

The Yount Academy for Boys.

Yup, we named our homeschool. This may seem a bit silly or even unnecessary. I won’t argue that. However, when you really think about it, our homeschool is as worthy of a name and recognition as much as any other traditional school. Why not name it? 

I first got this idea when I was was reading Called Home, a quick and easy read about a woman who felt “called home” to homeschool. (What a great title for the book, right?) In this book, she discussed naming your homeschool, creating it a mission statement, and setting goals for your homeschool, not just for the school year. After first reading it I couldn’t believe what a great idea it was. I had never considered naming our school or giving it a mission statement. But in retrospect, our homeschool is not any less “official” in comparison to a traditional school. We are educating our children and creating an atmosphere of learning, love, and independent thinking. It almost seems silly NOT to give your homeschool a name. 

We decided on Yount Academy for Boys. I chose this name for some obvious reasons. I liked the name academy better than school, institute, etc. And since we have been blessed with only boys, having it be a boy’s only school tickled my funny bone. It sounds so elite and professional and I just imagine what pride the kids will have when people ask them where they go to school and they say, “The Yount Academy for Boys”.

There is more than just pride that comes with naming your homeschool. There is that small sense of “normalcy”. With the reputation of homeschoolers and their kids, having a name of a school to give instead of just saying “we homeschool” up front deters the immediate negative reactions and responses. I am not saying not to own homeschooling. But when you give the name of your homeschool and they ask where it is, or what it is and you drop the homeschool bomb on them, they tend to be slightly more receptive.  

Also, it is just plain fun! We put a ton of work, thought, and love into our homeschools! They deserve to have a name! I get a little smile on my face whenever I say the name or talk about it. I just stinking love it! Share your homeschool name and how you chose it!

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