Homeschooling is a Privilege

Homeschooling takes so much:














Trial and error.




Ink and laminating sheets (Seriously, I can’t be the only one, right?!)

Sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed and bogged down and defeated from all of the stuff that homeschooling TAKES. No matter how prepared, organized, and energized you are, we all have moments where we question if we are doing enough. If what we are doing is even good enough. We even questions what we are actually doing!!! That’s ok! The worry, confusion, and lack of confidence, it is all normal.

In a society where homeschooling isn’t necessarily the “norm” there is added pressure on the homeschool mama to appear to have all her shit together. If you’re a homeschooling mom all of the sudden people think you’re this amazing being that not only keeps house, cleans, and does all her motherly duties, but she HOMESCHOOLS TOO! This isn’t a bad stereotype to fall under, but I feel it does make it hard for many of us moms to feel accepted or for other moms to feel they relate to us. Let’s be honest, I’m home all day. Sometimes I don’t make dinner from scratch. Sometimes my laundry doesn’t get put away the same day… or week. My windows are filthy. Pretty sure there is usually a bag of garbage sitting on the back porch for me to take to the dumpster most days. Is my house always a disaster? No, it isn’t more than it is. BUT I still struggle to do my housewife duties in addition to my homeschool ones. I get discouraged, I beat myself up, I question everything I’m doing.

When my husband and I decided that homeschooling was the only option for us, I began my preparation, organization, planning, etc. I began to feel defeated and incapable of “doing it all”. As I sat in tears, my husband said to me, “To be able to homeschool our children is such a great privilege.” He said that and it was like a ton fo bricks hit me. My entire perspective shifted. I was feeling drained from everything that homeschooling was taking, I forgot what an absolute privilege it is to do it.

In that moment, my mind was set. I was going to embrace this amazing privilege that I was given, and I was going to run with it.

I have the PRIVILEGE to teach my children at home.

I have the PRIVILEGE to watch my children learn.

I have the PRIVILEGE to observe my children grow a love of learning.

I have the PRIVILEGE to be involved in every facet of their education.

I have the PRIVILEGE to be there through the success and failures that my children experience in their education.

I have the PRIVILEGE to be there to lift them up when they’re down and to watch as they soar.

I have the PRIVILEGE to literally be there for my children’s childhood.

I have the PRIVILEGE to promote creativity in my children’s lives.

I have the PRIVILEGE to foster my children’s interests into real learning opportunities.

So to you self doubting, worrying, trying to keep it all together homeschooling mama, don’t forget; homeschooling is a privilege. You got this.


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