Lost & Found

So often life gets crazy. Routines interrupted. The unexpected happens (all the time). School gets set on the back burner. It happens to all of us, and if you say it doesn’t, you’re a liar! But seriously. I am currently in this position where life took over and school got set aside. Want to see how much I “failed” as a homeschooling mom? Go ahead, keep reading, it is sure to make you feel a lot better about your recent “fails” in your homeschool. 

The first week of September I had what I thought were a few bug bites and a possible allergic reaction to some weeds after weed eating around our house. After a couple of days my hands grew puffy, I began getting a few hives (still mistaken for bug bites) and then I was full fledged covered head to toe in giant hives. Itchy. Miserable. Desperate for relief. On that next Sunday I went to the urgent care only to get a big ol steroid shot in my ass causing my bp to drop and me needing to be taken back in a wheelchair to a recovery  room with smelling salts to keep me awake and all 4 kids following me like the little ducklings that they are.  After being told I couldn’t drive home, Blake left work and picked the kids and me up. We got my steroid pill prescription  and went home. Fast forward a week. 40 mg of steroids a day, Benadryl every 2 hours, a double dose of Claritin each morning, and a Zantac and I STILL was covered in hives. My mood was shit. School was the last thing I wanted to do and I was beginning to think there was actually something seriously wrong with me! The following weekend (2 weeks of this madness!!! And no school or regular routines were happening… I was taking Benadryl every 2 hours – I could barely function!) I was a bridesmaid in a wedding (still with hives) and still struggling to just get through the day, let alone stay awake!

They after the wedding… they were gone! It was literally a miracle and I almost cried (who am I kidding, I totally cried) out of pure joy that perhaps there was an end in sight for this ridiculous thing happening to me. Life was going to be back to normal and I was going to get right back on board to our routines and school that I had neglected due to my short temper, bad mood, and extremely irritability and discomfort. Then you know what happened? The SAME DAY that my hives went away, my second born fell off the fence and broke two bones in his arm. I. Shit. You. Not. Now if that doesn’t throw a wrench in your routine, it was also his dominant hand so he couldn’t really write… Unbelievable. We tried to do some school that week, and his was mostly anything not involving too much writing, but it definitely wasn’t my best week. So 3 weeks – not so great school. Time for a revamp! But here comes life again…

Literally, exactly a week after the broken arm, one of our dogs was attacked by another dog and was torn up pretty bad. This meant spending Monday at the doctor (broken arm follow up), the vet, insect club for 4H, back to vet, then home. It took me 8 hours to do those few tasks. We left the next day to go camping so I then had to spend the rest of Monday packing, cleaning, and prepping for our trip. Guess what we DIDN’T do while camping – school. I know. Literally, the worst mom, ever.

Before you whisk me into the town square and burn me at the stake, let’s stop and realize what I did do, (which we clearly know wasn’t actual school). We had time to read, play, and experience new activities. We learned a lot about allergic reactions, hives, different types of doctors (primary care, urgent care, orthopedic surgeons, and vets!) X-rays, and stitches/staples! We observed and collected a variety of bugs on our camping trip which we will preserve for our Insect Club bug display. We spent time together, laughed together, cried (mostly mom) together. We didn’t do much core subject schooling, but we were still learning and growing. This whole world approach to learning is so important and although I don’t recommend doing it for weeks on end (guilty…), I don’t feel as though I let my kids down as far as their education goes.

We’re all going to get lost along the way. Nothing every goes as planned. At least not for me… I can’t be the only one I assume. But when you get lost on your path of homeschooling, you will be found again. Perhaps being lost is part of the journey. It provide the enrichment and “other” learning that we want our kids to experience that school does not offer. Isn’t that what we’re trying to give our children? Are we back to the grind and doing more core subjects this week? You bet your ass we are!

This last Sunday we had a guest pastor at our church. During his sermon he said, “Setbacks are setups for comebacks.” This resonated with me so deeply on a personal level for so many reasons. But it also fits in perfectly with this post. I started writing this post prior to the sermon about being lost and found and getting off track or falling behind… How miraculous is it that at church the message I would receive was about taking our setbacks as opportunities to grow and be better than we were? Talk about divine intervention.

I got off the beaten path with schooling recently I have a million and one excuses. However, what I thought was a setback was really an amazing opportunity for my family and I to get back to our core values and do some real world learning. Now it is Monday and I am back, more focused, more motivated, and more inspired than before. My perceived setback was really setting me up for what I can only imagine will be an epic comeback. Clearer vision. Clearer mentality. Clearer focus. This is going to be a great month for homeschool. I can feel it.


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