Did You Miss Me?

It’s been awhile… Did you miss me? 😉 

Between all of the kids’ extra curricular activities, a small family vacation, holidays, parties, and a killer cold that took all 6 of us down – I am finally back!

We had a lot of fun with school in October and November. For the “holiday” months (October -December) I decided to create thematic units. Thematic units have so many benefits and help keep motivation for learning going when exciting holidays are approaching, plus it really reinforces the core theme into every lesson for a greater understanding. 

I’ll be sharing our themes and activities in later posts. For now, I want to focus on the end of the calendar year and what that can mean for us homeschoolers. 

It’s nearly December and the calendar year is coming to an end quickly. The academic school year is about half over! Although this is only my 3rd year of homeschooling, in my previous teaching experience this time of year lent itself to reflection and planning. It allowed a time to decompress, assess, and hit hard when the new year came. I still find this to be true for homeschooling. As with any classroom or homeschool, there are ups and downs. Successes and failures. As the year winds down, take this time to reflect and relish in your successes and find solutions to dilemmas or problems you’ve encountered so far. The Christmas season always makes me feel so joyous and motivated and inspired, as it does so many others, that it is a great time to do this!

I’ve attached a super simple mid year evaluation for you to complete. (Mid Year Review) You can use it to help you reflect, assess, and improve your homeschool from the inside out. The continued focus on improving, growing, and learning as your progress through your homeschool is extremely important and necessary! No one homeschool is perfect! As your kids grow, mature, and expand their minds, as does your homeschool, your style of teaching, your goals and routines. It is an ever-changing process that cannot be stagnant or you and your children will be let down. 

Since it is necessary for your homeschool to grow and change as your children and you grow and progress, I believe that creating a curriculum that is unique to your homeschool and your child(ren) is of the utmost importance. Check out my post Curriculum… What Do You REALLY Need? about how to create your own curriculum and the resources I use to help me plan mine.

I welcome you to reach out with questions or obstacles your are facing in your homeschool. I do not have all of the answers, but sometimes a fresh perspective or outside conversation can help turn things around! Please e-mail or leave a comment on here so we can connect and collaborate so that you (and especially your children) can have the best homeschooling experience possible! 

Remember, homeschooling is privilege!

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