Play Doh Ornament Counting

Happy Saturday!

I love Saturdays. Saturdays are my days of preparation and planning. I spend my morning (and some times early afternoon) planning the upcoming homeschool week and finding/creating/brainstorming ideas for the lessons and skills we’ll be practicing.

Today I’ve been adding some more winter/Christmas items to our December/Christmas thematic unit. My kindergartener has mastered his teen numbers (with a lot of resistance) and is working on counting into his 20s now. He absolutely LOVES play doh. He also loves anything Christmas. Put the two together and we have a fun little activity sure to keep him engaged while also encouraging him to practice.


My older 3 boys just finished an art class last week and they did a lot of work with clay and practicing pressure and fine motor skills making “snakes” and “balls” or beads. This is a difficult skill sometimes for kids but is great for them to practice. So in addition to number identification and counting, some motor skills are also thrown in. You can add patterns and even and odd into it too if you felt inclined.

The activity was a hit and I think will help him with his 20s as we work towards mastering those. It isn’t always easy with this one to find engaging activities so if one does the job, it is a big deal!


You can download this freebie here: Play Doh Christmas Ornament Counting It includes a tree mat and ornaments with numbers 1-30. I laminated mine for durability and to keep them clean for future use. You could slip the tree into a gallon ziplock back if you don’t have a laminator. I hope you enjoy!

If you use this freebie please post a picture and share! Tag me on instagram @teachmeimyours or on Facebook (Teach Me I’m Yours). I’d love to see it in action in your home. Merry Christmas!

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