Mid Year Review

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, it’s a time where many people begin making resolutions and goals for the new year. This time of year lends itself to assessing and focusing on the first half of the homeschool year.

The holiday season is such a unique time. The days feel happier. People are cheerful. It’s a time of love and support and all those feel good feelings. It’s a perfect time for me to look at my homeschool from the outside because my attitude and mood tends to be elevated and I am able to see the “failures” or areas that need improvement with a positive spin and not feel deterred or discouraged by the less than perfect.

Evaluating and assessing your homeschool is important! Taking time to find what has been working and what hasn’t is imperative in creating a successful learning environment for your kids. A successful homeschool is always changing and adapting to the needs of the students and to the skills and strategies that you are using. I would do the same thing when I was teaching in a classroom – using this positive and happy feeling to prepare my classroom and my teaching for the rest of the year. Doing more of the successful and finding ways to improve the not so great.

It’s important to always remember that no homeschool is perfect. Yes, we see those classrooms and activities on instagram and facebook and think “If only I had ______.” My homeschool would be better. Get that out of your head. I whole heartedly believe that parents are the best teachers for their children. No two homeschools are the same. No two children are the same. And we should never try to be the same as someone else.

I have made a short mid-year review reflection sheet. It is meant to help you identify your areas of success and your areas that may need some revamping or a little more attention. Fill out the form and take the time to create steps to meet your goals. You’ll notice that there are only 2 spots ofr areas to improve on in your homeschool, that is for two reasons. The first being that you need to create manageable goals and by only choosing two “things” to focus on, you are able to develop a better plan of action. Secondly, if you were to focus on thinking of “negative” aspects of your homeschool you would feel discouraged and that is the opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish!

One of my main reasons for creating this blog was to collaborate and help other educators and homeschoolers. If you are struggling to find a solution or ideas to improve your homeschool (or classroom), I’d love to connect to problem solve and strategize together! Simply fill out the contact form and we can work together.

Get the mid year review here: Mid Year Review and be sure to contact me to collaborate!



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