Place Value Puzzle

As I *slowly* get back into the swing of things after Christmas, I find myself spending my Saturday evening planning, prepping, and creating activities and resource for our homeschool. Let’s be honest, these days spending a Saturday night creating school activities is something I not only enjoy but look forward to! If I could make a living making “stuff’ for education I would. However, my time is in high demand and that is a dream I’ll have to put off for a little while longer.

Tonight I was making some activities for new skills but also for review for the first half of the school year. One skill I wanted to revisit (and then build upon) was place value. Although my first grader zipped right through place value through the hundreds with ease, it’s been awhile since we worked on it and expanded notation is something that I know could use some review, especially before we start introducing the thousands place value, etc.

Alas, I made an easy no prep place value puzzle that requires the child to match the standard form, the expanded form, and the base ten block image. I love activities like this because 1. there is no prep (after the initial printing, laminating and cutting – hooray!). 2. It can be done as an independent activity while I work with another kiddo. 3. Kids can never have enough number sense practice, it is the most important building block to being a strong mathematical thinker!


Since all of the puzzles have the same pieces/shapes you can add a colored dot or number to the back for self checking. I usually just drop in and check progress in the middle of their work and check it for them at the end.

This puzzle set comes with 18 number puzzles. Check it out and download yours here. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@teachmeimyours) and be sure to give me a like or a follow!



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